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      ABOUT US

      Hydra-Care (NZ) Ltd has grown rapidly in both size and the variety of services provided. Experience and resources have been accumulated over the years to enable a complete service to be offered to customers.



      Hydra-Care (NZ) Ltd’s Currently Sits:

      Consistently leading the field in the desludging industry, this has been through the constant innovations that have been designed, developed and built by ourselves over the past ten years.

      We have a considerable success rate for all the tenders that we submit and have been able to maintain this success rate despite the ever increasing competition. We have earned a great deal of respect from our clients and as a result of this we have a high level of repeat business. We provide this de-watering service throughout New Zealand.


      Hydra-Care (NZ) Ltd.’s Current Innovations:

      We are in the process of constructing a special unit that will be innovative in maximising the waste minimisation of sludge waste currently being carted to landfills. This alone will give massive financial savings to your clients and see Hydra-Care’s strong hold of the desludging industry increase by having capabilities not seen anywhere in the world.


      The Way Forward:

      Once this special unit is up and running to the expected levels, we would like to move forward by offering our clients an end result that will greatly reduce their sludge disposal problems nationwide.

      This will be done by taking over the sludge from the point where they are now getting it to, then reducing it further and using the now inert sludge for beneficial uses rather than paying the very high costs of landfill fees and also creating a waste minimisation scheme which is now something they will be able to strive for.


      Gary Smith

      Managing Director


      Gary initiated Hydra-Care NZ Ltd in 1996.

      Since that time Gary has overseen the diversification of Hydra-Care NZ Ltd to meet the changing needs of our clients. He is very competent in designing new plant using the 3D CAD engineering software, and also oversees the construction of all the new plant being built.

      He’s the man who picks up the pieces, and makes it all work.


      Over the last 15 years Hydra-Care NZ Ltd have successfully completed many de-watering contracts nationwide to the satisfaction of out clients. Through this experience we have been able to build a high level of trust and respect with our clients.

      With the other services we provide (directional drilling of all pipes, butt and fusion pipe welding, open trenching of pipes, high pressure unblocks, suction of sumps etc) we are also held in high regard by our clients.